About Matt


In 2004, at the age of 24, Matt lost his vision as a result of having Type I diabetes.  He had been riding bikes for most of his life; when he lost his vision, he feared that he would never be able to ride again.

On the advice of his doctor, Matt did not ride a bike from 2004 to 2006.


One day, he decided to grab his trials bike and go out to the curb just to hop around and do some simple moves.  He quickly realized that he couldn’t even trackstand, and he put his bike away in disappointment.  A few days later, he was determined to learn how to trackstand  without vision.  There was no one to tell Matt how to go about it; on his own, he needed to figure out how to handle a bike without being able to see.  After several months of practice, Matt was able to reacquire this and many of the other skills he had mastered before losing his vision.

Now, Matt finds that he is able to ride almost as well as he did prior to losing his vision; in fact, he rides better than many sighted riders.