Matt enjoys sharing his story of perseverance and spreading the word about the joys of cycling through his exciting and inspiring demos.
Matt Jumps Off Box and Over Man
He talks about the difficulties of living with diabetes and how it cost him his sight; he also explains how he learned to face new challenges—one of which was to learn all over again how to ride a bike—and actually become a better rider than he was prior to becoming blind. After that, he shows the audience how he has mastered going up, down and off of obstacles with power and precision.
Matt tailors his show for the audience; he’s comfortable in front of 300 people or 30. He has performed for a variety of organizations and age groups, including
• The Boy Scouts of America
• The New Jersey State Fair
• The American Diabetes Association
• The National Federation for the Blind
• The National Cyclocross Series
• Baltimore Bike Jam

Matt’s demo crew takes care of equipment set-up and breakdown, and after the show Matt enjoys meeting with audience members.

For examples of Matt’s demos, check out the videos page.

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Below are fliers that were made for his Demo presentations. There are also PDF versions available: PDF Version

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