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New Website is Up and Running!

Hey guys and gals,

Matt’s new webpage is now up and running! Some of the new stuff you can find:
- An entirely new web design and features!
- Twitter News Feed
- Large photo galleries
- Merchandise
- etc etc

There are still a lot of changes to come, including but not limited to:
- More photos
- More videos
- More merchandise
- Demo dates

Home workshop. Video blog

In this video blog I show you my homeshop area. I showed many of the bikes that I have in my basement. I also talk about some of the parts on my new bike.

Blind Bike Trials, shut down in Baltimore city. Video blog.

This is the second in a series of video blogs that I’ve just started doing. In this when I talk about riding in Baltimore city and my new bike that I had recently put together. I also ride in this one at the end.

To watch this blog please click on the link below.

Video blog part 1

this is the first part in a video series of blogs that I am starting to do. This was filmed at a local elementary school in Howard county. Stay tuned as I will be putting out blogs pretty frequently. I’m going to do not only demo blogs but writing blogs and random blogs as well.

Please click on the link below to view the blog.

Going to be on the radio!

I am going to be on the radio this Sunday between 7 and 8 PM. You can listen in at the link below if you’re not in the Baltimore area. Be sure to check it out! Spread the word please.

Tour De Cure!

I am doing a trials demo on May 4 for the American diabetes Association! Help me raise money for this calls! I have provided this link below to my profile where you can donate! Please help me find a cure by donating at this link below!

Outside television, dispatches. Featuring Matt Gilman

A television show called dispatches on the network outside television. They did a feature story with Matt Gilman the blind trials rider! They interviewed mad and film some of his riding. They also interviewed his eye doctor. Be sure to watch the video at the link below to find out how bad Matt’s Vision really is!

Motivational mountain bike show at a local school featuring Matt Gilman.

The link below is to a video of Matt Gilman doing a motivational mountain bike show at a local elementary school. It is a edited version of his school show. It was for third to fifth grade students. You can hear the excitement that these kids had watching Matt do his amazing bike tricks.

98 rock radio interview

This is an interview with Matt Gilman on the Mickey, Amelia and Spiegel morning show on Baltimore’s 98 rock!

YPR Radio Interview

This was a segment on Your public radio out of Baltimore Maryland. The interview was done with Erin Hankin.

Documentary Video

Below is a link to my new documentary video. This video basically tells the story of when I had site all the way up to the point of me losing my vision. I explain how I got back on my bike and the challenges I faced to do so. Please check it out and let me know what you think. If you can spread it around for me it would be greatly appreciated the more exposure I can get the better.

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