Continental Continental Tires are the best tires for your bicycle. These tires keep me glued to rocks and ledges. Great for trials!

True Precision Components Stealth Logo

Not only is it our middle name, it is the philosophy behind our products. We strive for precision and innovation in everything we do, and our products reflect that.

Lazer Bike Helmets Lazer, the world oldest helmet manufacturers still in activity, is the result of over 90 years of experience, passion and dedication. This is how Matt keeps his head safe!

Shimano Cycling The products of winners. Their parts are on some of the best bicyclists bikes.

Cure Adventures for the Cure is a cycling team that brings awareness for diabetes. They also help raise money to find a cure for diabetes. They do great things.

TrialTech TrialTech makes the best parts that you could ever want on your trials bike.